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Oscar díjas filmek

1927:Wings   William A. Wellman           

1929:Broadway Melody      Harry Beaumont

1930:All Quiet on the Waterfront       Lewis Milestone

1931:Cimarra      Wesley Ruggles

1932:Grand Hotel      Edward Goulding

1933:Cavalcade       Frank Lloyd

1934:It Happened One Night       Frank Capra

1935:Mutiny on the Bounty      Frank Lloyd

1936:Great Ziegfeld     Robert Z. Leonard

1937:Life of Emile Zola      William Dieterle

1938:You can't Take it with You     Frank Capra

1939:Gone with the Wind      Victor Fleming

1940:Rebecca      Alfred Hitchcock

1941:How Green Was my Valley          John Ford

1942:Mrs.Miniver       William Wyler

1942:Casablanca       Michael Curtiz

1944:Going My Way       Leo McCarey

1945:Lost Weekend      Billy Wilder

1946:Best Years of Our Lives       William Wyler

1947:Gentleman's Agreement       Elia Kazan

1948:Hamlet       Laurence Olivier

1949:All The King's Men        Robert Rossen

1950:All About Eve       Joseph L. Mankiewicz

1951:An American in Paris       Vincente Minelli

1952:Greatest Show on Earth       Cecil B. DeMille

1953:From Here to Eternity          Fred Zinnemann

1954:On the Waterfront          Elia Kazan

1955:Marty           Delbert Mann

1956:Around the World in 80 Days                Michael Anderson

1957:Bridge on the River Kwai            David Lean

1958:Gigi             Vincente Minelli

1959:Ben-Hur           William Wyler

1960:Apartment           Billy Wilder

1961:West Side Story              Jerome Robbins      Robert Wise

1962:Lawrence of Arabia            David Lean

1963:Tom Jones        Tony Richardson

1964:My Fair Lady           George Cukor

1965:Sound of Music             Robert Wise

1966:Man for All Seasons             Fred Zinnemann

1967:In the Heat of the Night            Norman Jewison

1968:Oliver!              Carol Reed

1969:Midnight Cowboy         John Schlesinger

1970:Patton                  Franklin J. Schaffner

1971:French Connection                   William Friedkin

1972:Godfather              Francis Ford Coppola

1973:Sting             George Roy Hill

1974:Godfather 2             Francis Ford Coppola

1975:One Flew over the Cuckoo'Nest               Milos Forman

1976:Rocky              John G. Avildsen

1977:Annie Hall                     Woody Allen

1978:Deer Hunter                  Michael Cimino

1979:Kramer vs. Kramer               Robert Benton

1980:Ordinary People              Robert Redford

1981:Chariots of Fire              Hugh Hudson

1982:Gandhi              Richard Attenborough

1983:Terms of Endearment                 James L. Brooks

1984:Amadeus                Milos Forman

1985:Out of Afrika                 Sydney Pollack

1986:Platoon                   Oliver Stone

1987:Last Emperor               Bernardo Bertolucci

1988:Rain Man               Barry Levinson

1989:Driving Miss Daisy                    Bruce Beresford

1990:Dances with the Wolves                     Kevin Costner

1991:Silence of the Lambs                  Jonathan Demme

1992:Unforgiven                       Clint Eastwood

1993:Schindler's List              Steven Spielberg

1994:Forrest Gump               Robert Zemeckis

1995:Braveheart                   Mel Gibson

1996:English Patient                 Anthony Minghella

1997:Titanic                  James Cameron

1998:Shakespeare in Love                     John Madden

1999:American Beauty                      Sam Mendes

2000:Gladiator                     Ridley Scott

2001:A Beautiful Mind                    Ron Howard

2002:Chicago                    Rob Marshall

2003:Return of the King                     Peter Jackson

2004:Million Dollar Baby                   Clint Eastwood

2005:Crash                     Paul Haggis

2006:Departed                      Martin Scorsese

2007:No Country for Old Men                  Ethan and Joel Coen

2008:Slumdog Millionaire                  Danny Boyle

2009:Hurt Locker            Kathryn Bigelow

2010:King's Speech               Tom Hooper

2011::The Artist             Michel Hazanavicius

2012:Argo                Ben Affleck

2013:12 Years a Slave                       Steve McQueen

2014:Birdman                     Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

2015:Spotlight         Tom McCarthy